Animal Magic from Bird & Schulte: Love Me, Love My Dog. And My Cat.

Freiburg, September 2013 | With its work on the relaunch of Biokanol’s complementary feed Formel-Z, Bird & Schulte has this autumn devoted itself to canine and feline health. Formel-Z, a naturally effective and delicious treat for four-legged friends, ensures healthy skin and thick fur thanks to its balanced blend of protein, and also keeps pesky parasites at bay. Bird & Schulte completely redesigned the entire product image for the relaunch: packaging, visuals and advertising materials, including ads, flyers, product displays and the product website, have all been given an attractive, modern makeover. It started with an idea for the packaging design that was, quite literally, dazzling: healthy, gleaming cat and dog fur now adorns the entire surface of the new packaging, making it extremely eye-catching among the many complementary food products offered by competitors. “We wanted the emotional side of our product benefits to come across, and this exceptional design certainly does it more than justice,” stated Kirsten Neininger, Marketing Director at Biokanol Pharma GmbH, happy with the result. The visuals for the campaign were later created at a photoshoot full of animal fun.
The focus here was on the close relationship between people and animals, which can be fostered further when naturally effective products are chosen. Agency boss Jeremy Bird, who formerly worked for many years on the creative team for Catsan cat hygiene, always sees animal photoshoots as something of a challenge. “Interactions with animals in front of the camera can’t be planned to the last detail or achieved at the touch of a button. It requires a lot of sensitivity. But in this case we had a truly stellar cast!” This came as no surprise, however, since patient cocker spaniel model Mogli is a permanent member of the Biokanol Pharma GmbH team.


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