Freiburg, December 2013 | In its new campaign for Boehringer Ingelheim, Bird & Schulte has blended pharmaceutical communications with modern art: Creative Director Jeremy Bird was able to enlist American artist Jennifer Maestre to create a key visual for the image-provoking project “crafting a future in unison for HCV”, which she did by using thousands of coloured pencils to make a structural model of the Hepatitis C virus. The aim of the communications programme, which was implemented by the Freiburg-based advertising agency, is to strengthen the partnership between German, family-run firm Boehringer Ingelheim and HCV stakeholders in their work on virology. The core purpose of the programme is to advance both expertise in virology and scientific innovation, which in future will help to permanently improve the treatment of patients infected with HCV. The complex, aesthetically-striking structure of HCV gave the creative team the idea of presenting the virus in an entirely new dimension. The successful result is a fascinating sculpture by Jennifer Maestre, an artist from Massachusetts who creates organic shapes using thousands of Faber-Castell pencils. The power of the mosaic-style work commissioned from the 54-year-old American is felt in its aesthetic appeal, and images of the sculpture showing different angles and close-ups now adorn all printed materials such as adverts, image brochures, mailshots and trade fair stands. Even the artist herself was inspired by the idea of her sculpture being employed to communicate with doctors: “Creating the HCV sculpture was a very special time for me,” explained Jennifer Maestre. “On the one hand, the hepatitis C virus is such an impressive organism, and on the other it is the cause of so much human suffering. Whilst working with the pencils, my hope increased bit by bit that it would truly be possible to demonstrate the virus’s fascination and at the same time conveying the message that there will one day be a new future in which people affected by the virus may be freed from it.” Through this new project, Managing Director Dr Monika Schulte and the rest of the Health Lounge team are continuing their successful collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim in the field of virology, which began with the account for Viramune® HIV medication.



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